Cash or Quiche?

Working together

When I started working at the office 3 years ago, Rich was one of the first people to say hello; or rather: “hiya, Matey! How’re ya doing?” We started working together regularly at the end of 2018 though a mutual project, and then our team was blessed with welcoming him as our team leader from August 2019. Though I only had the pleasure of sitting next to him since then, I know that his friendship, warmth and kindness will stay in my heart and memory forever. He had time for everyone, and no question was too ‘daft’. We had many wonderful conversations about music and films, and I will never forget how he could make me cry with laughter with a single, one-line observation that would be dripping with sarcasm. One of the most frequent jokes we shared was: which was the best method of payment in life: cash or quiche? Invariably we agreed it was the latter and shared a laugh over this and many other topics. It has taken until now for me to be able to articulate any words, but my overwhelming feeling is one of gratitude to have known him and be part of his team. My deepest condolences and thoughts are with his family. Rest well, Rich – mentor, manager, matey.

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