Rich and I were housemates for 2 years in Bangor

Rich and I lived under the same roof for 2 years while we studied at Bangor. We had common interests in music and being in the hills. Although younger than I he was certainly the wisest. I still use the copy of Cyril Harts Forestry text book that Rich gave me to this day. He was utterly dependable, a steady presence in the house and good fun too. The attached photo is from the day I instantly recalled in the moment I heard the news. Not the best photo but a day in the week we had finished our finals Rich and I headed out to Newborough in a 2CV soft top Tim owned at the time. I recalled laughing as we crossed Menai Bridge. When he got to the beach, free of studies he was relaxed, charming and funny. I regrettably lost touch over time but I know when our paths crossed we’d get on. Love and peace to all your family. Farewell Rich.

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