The Horizontal Matey

I knew Rich from work

I have at home isolating since late March and was informed of this tragic loss via a phonecall from senior management. To say this is sad news would be a massive understatement. I have only today managed to get my home PC working and found this tribute page. Floods of tears reading all the tributes and thinking of you guys, his family and friends, both happy and sad as he was such a great guy it’s hard not to smile when you think of him. Me and Quinney somehow did the exact same shift patterns so would often share funny work stories on our late shifts, he had a fantastically dry sense of humour and such a calming way about him. Never too busy to lend a helping hand when I was whinging or being dumb! I will miss your shoeless feet and banter at Bangor service centre, I just cannot believe the news. To the most calm, kind, laid back to the point of being horizontal guy in Bangor. You will be greatly missed. Peace xx

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